Foggy forrest

The investment model

At Katapult we work tirelessly to allocate more capital into impact investing, with the aim of speeding up the change towards a more sustainable planet. We do this through an impact fund focusing on climate tech solutions. The fund invests between $150 000 to $400 000 for equity, in each of the selected companies to our accelerator program.

Our investment cycle runs for about 10 months from start to finish, including the program, where we gather some of the best climate tech companies and connect them with mentors and experts across the globe, together with leading industry partners. Through tailored content we help the selected companies scale fast, and the investment- and accelerator model has been proven and strengthened through 10 Katapult programs over the last 4 years.

Investment domains

Renewable Energy: Besides the need for changing the energy source of manufacturing and transportation away from fossil fuels, which itself is a universe of innovation opportunities, changing the energy matrix increases the demand for electricity, thus requiring new solutions on optimising and expanding clean energy production, distribution and usage. I.e production, distribution, enabling, storage and use of zero and low carbon energy: batteries and energy storage, wind, solar, hydrogen, thermal, smart grid and energy infrastructure.

Smart Cities, Industry & Green Mobility: As society adapts to responsible carbon emissions, opportunities appear to revolutionise the way people live, move and consume, not only optimising current infrastructure and services, but transforming them. I.e reduction of CO2 in buildings, industry and construction (energy efficiency, sensors), EV, electricity usage, supply chain optimization, circular models, and transportation.

Carbon Capture: Reducing carbon emissions is not sufficient to slow or revert climate change, so humanity needs to find ways to capture exceeding carbon in the atmosphere or close to its emitters. And the possibilities within this field will play a key role in achieving the goals of maximum temperature rise until 2100. I.e carbon sequestration, carbon capture optimization and infrastructure, carbon storage, removal of carbon from the atmosphere.

New Frontiers: To support the changes in these different industries and help the transformation towards a carbon negative or neutral world, startups can disrupt established norms and definitions in ways we cannot predict. These solutions cannot be overlooked, and we aim to facilitate bold agents of change. I.e exploration, data analysis, dashboards.

In addition to the main domains above, we are also looking into Food & Agriculture as the impact food production has on climate change is massive, and so are the opportunities to better the whole agricultural system. I.e CO2 reduction on production of food, electrification of food production and processes.