Foggy forrest

The investment model

At Katapult we work tirelessly to allocate more capital into impact investing, with the aim of speeding up the change towards a more sustainable planet. We do this through an impact fund focusing on climate tech solutions. The fund invests between €150 000 to €500 000 for equity, in each of the selected companies to our accelerator program.

Our investment cycle runs for about 10 months from start to finish, including the program, where we gather some of the best climate tech companies and connect them with mentors and experts across the globe, together with leading industry partners. Through tailored content we help the selected companies scale fast, and the investment- and accelerator model has been proven and strengthened through 10 Katapult programs over the last 4 years.

Investment domains

Startups looking to innovate within the space of harvesting, agriculture, food systems and alternative proteins.

Startups revolutionising supply chains, developing new materials vehicle designs coupled with associated digital solutions.

Startups ushering in innovations within the onshore energy sector and new tools for energy production, storage and distribution.

Natural Assets
Startups with offerings that protect ecosystems, maintain biodiversity and optimise soil health.

Climate startups working with carbon capture, waste management, smart cities or contribute to the circular economy.

New Frontiers
Startups innovating in the space of exploration, data analytics and robotics.