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The Blue World Perspective 2020

As a part of our investment process we have screened more than 1400 ocean startups the past year and mapped the global landscape for impact driven ocean startups. Every year we share the findings in our report The Blue World Perspective. In our 2020 report you get the latest number of where blue solutions are built, what sectors the solutions represent and answers from our ocean ecosystem survey of startups, investors and industry players.

Read and be inspired. Thank you to our partners ABB, Thommessen and Oslo Kommune!

The Blue World Perspective

The Blue World Perspective 2019

In this report, we look at how the global ocean start-up scene is responding to ocean challenges and opportunities. We investigate where the impact driven start-ups are based and what technology they are putting to use.

We have also surveyed a range of executives in the ocean industry about how they view innovation and the role of new technology in their operations. Lastly, we provide advice on how corporates and start-ups can form mutually beneficial relationships in pursuit of new, sustainable technology and business models.