Katapult Group partners with the Conduit to bring Impact Hub to Oslo, headed by Dilek Ayhan

Paul van Zyl, Dilek Ayhan and Tharald Nustad
Paul van Zyl, Dilek Ayhan and Tharald Nustad

Katapult Group has partnered with the Conduit to launch the Conduit Oslo.The new Impact hub in Oslo will be headed by Dilek Ayhan. Building upon the city’s reputation as a world leader for conversations and action around economic, social and environmental sustainability, this is an exciting key step in The Conduit’s ambitious global expansion plans.

First established in London, the Conduit has become one of the most important meeting places in the world to deal with challenges in climate, energy, health and social injustice. The Conduit’s expansion into Oslo will be headed by Dilek Ayhan.

The Conduit wants to expand its global network and impact and is establishing hubs in selected cities. In an 1850s brick building in the heart of Oslo, The Conduit will have its first base outside of London and another home for solving the world’s great challenges. Now the community is growing to establish its base in Oslo, backed by Katapult and with Flott Gjort as a partner. Flott Gjort has created vibrant cultural meeting places in Oslo for several decades.

Hired as the Conduit Oslo’s CEO, Ayhan is a multi-award-winning social entrepreneur, diversity pioneer and leader from Norway. She was named one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders in 2016 and has served as State Secretary from 2013-2018 to former prime minister Erna Solberg. Ayhan brings with her a powerful network in Norway and around the world. She has many years of experience from the private and public sector, and for the past four years she has been a special adviser to BI Norwegian Business School’s president and management.

On her appointment as Conduit Oslo CEO, Ayhan says: “The world today is increasingly divided in these uncertain times. We need a place to meet in person to connect with one another and to build community. There are possibilities and solutions to the world´s challenges to be found and it’s time for action. At The Conduit, we will gather forces for good.”

On the partnership, Katapult’s Founder, Tharald Nustad says: “The Conduit is an important player with a network far beyond London and the UK, and we are very happy to bring this force to Norway, as well as to connect with the world to create positive solutions. When we are in London, it is always at The Conduit that our investor contacts meet, and we look forward to gathering both the capital and active forces in a community that works for a sustainable future”

He continues: “Dilek is an impressive leader to have on the team, and a perfect person to realize the potential of this initiative and elevate it to a globally important platform.”

The Conduit Founder, Paul Van Zyl adds: “We become stronger, more efficient, and creative – and happier – when we are together. And
we need that to solve the world’s problems.”

Learn more about the Conduit Oslo here.

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