Ocean in valley

Impact through the whole process

In Katapult Ocean we are dependent on investing in the best startups to maximize our impact. By investing, connecting the startups to our network, inspire and inform them through our accelerator program, our portfolio companies are able to scale their solutions. By scaling the good solutions, we also create more impact.

It is important for our impact to pick the right startups and that is why we consider impact throughout the whole process when looking at new investment opportunities. From the very first time we look at a startup we analyze if the startup is within our target areas, what problem the startup is solving and what their impact is. It should also be possible to quantify the impact. The best way to get really good at measuring and managing the impact the startups have, is to start doing it when they are still an early stage company. We know that this can be difficult for a startup and that is why we focus on it in our accelerator program. As the startups become more mature, we ask them to measure and report their impact, because you need to know where you are to know where you are going.

Blue World Perspective

The Blue World Perspective

The aim of Blue World Perspective is to highlight the vast opportunities presented by ocean resources, while simultaneously addressing the challenges our ocean is currently facing, as well as showcasing potential solutions. Learn more about the report and download your full copy of the latest Blue World Perspective.