Katapult Africa

We believe that sustainable agriculture, innovative food technologies, and climate-smart solutions drive economic development across Africa. That is why we invest in and support startups in the space.

Africa represents some of the fastest-growing economies globally. With a young and tech-savvy population, the continent is poised to become the focal point for sustainable agriculture, innovative food production and climate-smart technologies. The investment opportunities presented will help feed the society of tomorrow.

Katapult Africa Accelerator Program

The world’s growing population increases demand for food and the environmental footprint from agriculture. New technologies have the potential to revolutionize our food systems and mitigate climate risks.

Innovative startups from Africa need help to take the leap and create long lasting impact. Our accelerator program is designed to help them with growth, investor readiness, and impact management. It combines 90 days of intense workshops, network & learning sessions with $150,000-500,000 investments.

Africa Portfolio

Meet our portfolio of highly scalable, highly impactful agri-, climate- and food-tech companies:

Africa Team