Agritech and foodtech

Katapult is establishing in Africa and is setting up accelerators and investment vehicles for startups within agritech and foodtech.

Africa represents some of the fastest-growing economies globally. With a young and tech-savvy population, the continent is poised to become the focal point for sustainable agriculture and food production. The investment opportunities presented will help feed the society of tomorrow.

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Accelerator Programs

The world’s increasing population means there is an increasing demand for food, along with an increasing environmental footprint from agriculture.

New technologies in food production have the potential to radicalize the way we produce and distribute food, as well as manage our food waste. Innovative startups from Africa are encouraged to take the leap and create solutions for the future. Katapult’s Africa Accelerator Program will recruit the best companies and provide them the tools, network and the financial support for success. Together with our partners, Katapult aims to contribute to a transformative, structural change in the food chain.

We’re a few months from launching, should we have you in our database? If so….

Join our team

Katapult is in the process of building a local team, partnerships and network to recruit some of the best agritech startups on the African continent. The first Accelerator Program will start in March/April 2022. The chosen companies will receive support in scaling their business, including: training from experts, local and international mentorship and access to a global network. Seed capital is also invested in the best companies. At the end of the program, the companies will be investor ready and scalable, so that they can raise more capital at a later stage.

This is an exciting time where we are looking for strong profiles to join our team in Kigali, establishing a network of mentors and raising an Africa fund. Are you up for the challenge? We’d like to hear from you!

Africa Portfolio

Katapult has previously recruited startups already working on important social and environmental problems in Africa.

Team Africa