INTEGRITY – open and honest, delivering on promise

At a baseline, Integrity is a personal commitment to ethical standards and honesty. To us, integrity also means standing up for each other and upholding the very highest levels of transparency in the way we treat and respond to investors. Trust is essential in fundraising and portfolio management where others rely heavily on our expertise, drive and investment. Integrity means diligence and care in the way we select companies for investment, govern the capital entrusted to us and forge long-term relationships.

We drive to ensure that the integrity we display internally is reflected in all Katapult’s external interactions. It is paramount to building trust with our founders, investors, partners, and the communities where we operate.

Above all, we want our belief in integrity to be judged not only what we say but what we do. It is our commitment to ensure that intentions translate directly into actions. In essence, this is about accountability. We will own the mistakes we make and take pride in the initiatives where we succeed.

PASSION – passionate about creating positive impact with innovation and joy

Investing must have a greater purpose beyond financial returns. We are passionate about making a positive impact on society and the environment through our investments, while also delivering long-term sustainable returns to our investors.

Our passion as an impact investor is based on our belief that our work has to be meaningful – both for us and for the wider-world. We are motivated by nurturing start-ups and pushing the planet towards what we believe is the ideal. Our work pace is fast, reflecting the constant shifts in technological advance but it is also marked by positive energy and joy.

We are also fundamentally in the people business. We invest in founders. Our LPs invest in managers. The common denominator is that people invest in people. Strategy is important, but our work is all about investing trust, capital and experience in people and teams. That is where passion comes in. It is hard to convince founders and investors without showing the passion that powers our work. We are passionate about looking into the future and concentrating on solving the problems facing the world today. We do not just tick boxes or take the easy option.

We are looking to make a difference – which may not always be easy, but we are determined to be part of positive and strategic game-change and to break away from tired, old dogma.

INCLUSIVE – A diverse team based on a global mindset

Inclusiveness and respect take time and effort to build, but they are integral to our approach. Respect generates coherence and understanding across a team to ensure that everyone is pushing in the same direction. By respecting our differences and the assets we each bring to the table, we perform at our most impactful potential. We take pride in our ability to professionally operate across verticals, business areas and locations, with a conduct that is underpinned by respect. It is respect that creates a culture that empowers the individual – and thereby the team – to learn, grow and be successful.

With a diverse team based across different time zones and cultures, inclusiveness is essential for building a robust and coherent approach to what we do. It means belonging. It means being part of a larger community. It means creating impact as one. It also means rooting for the team as well as the mission. Nothing and no one is left out. A deep sense of inclusiveness and accessibility – with individual roles coming together as part of a whole – underpin the powerful performance we always seek to deliver.

We see our model for internal inclusiveness not only as a best practice but a necessity in meeting the expectations of our external stakeholders. As with our team, our investors, portfolio companies and partners represent a truly global network of impact. Our ability to scale our vision of building a thriving world for all requires constant interaction across borders and cultures. Our inclusive mindset is an invaluable tool in helping to fulfill this vision.

COLLABORATIVE – Understanding that we cannot achieve radical change without working together

Being collaborative is vital both internally and externally – across domains and people. To secure funding and attract the best startups, the role of professional and clear communication cannot be underestimated. Exceptional collaboration builds synergy between partners. It promotes understanding and is based on always explaining the rationale behind all the important decisions that are taken. This reduces stress and frustration and saves valuable time.