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The world’s biggest challenges of today are going to be solved by new companies and this represents an unprecedented opportunity in the history of mankind to make both impact and profit.

Our Investment Strategy

Katapult has built expertise in positioning our investments at an early stage. We source a dealflow from all over the world and invest in less than 1% of all companies after carefully using the best selection tools and knowledge available. All the companies we invest in go through our accelerator program. Here, we help and train them to increase growth metrics, achieve greater impact, and prepare for later stage investors.

We invest in early stage impact tech startups with outperforming teams, scalable technologies, huge market potentials, impactful business model. We only choose teams who are passionate about solving really big problems by conquering a solid marketshare.


Right now Katapult is positioning our activities on early phase investments within three of the biggest challenges and fastest growing markets in the world.

Without a thriving ocean, there will be no thriving world. The ocean is at the core of a sustainable world. For the climate, for the food chain, for transportation, and for a long series of new ventures ranging from new materials to new health products. Katapult builds on a 1000-year-old and proud Norwegian tradition for industrious and entrepreneurial ocean culture. With growing global attention and appetite for ocean-related impact investment, we have strong reasons to believe our first impact unicorn will arise from the sea.

51 billion tons of CO2 needs to be reduced to Zero in just 30 years. The alternative is not an option. With global regulations closing in, a global interest in sustainability bigger than ever, a new generation seeing no alternative to solve this, and 191 countries signing up for this challenge. Needless to say, this is going to be the most important field of profitable impact investments ever. Katapult will take the position in the early phase and make sure the capital allocated to solve one of the biggest challenges in history, with great impact and outperforming profit.

Food and agri-tech (Africa)
Through our partnership with Norssken, Tony Blair Institute, Smart Africa and grant provide with Norad, we start out where the need and motivation are biggest, where the population growth predicts that many great companies will grow with it – in Africa. The world will need to bring enough sustainable and healthy food to the table for all, and the global motivation for solving that problem is huge. With a quickly maturing tech startup ecosystem, nowhere in the world is the timing better than in Africa. That is why we will use the coming years to set up Katapult in Africa and starting out in Kigali/ Rwanda.


We have screened more than 12,000 startups from over 100 countries, and have invested in over 120 tech startups, working to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We offer investment opportunities in early stage impact-tech, and deliver accelerator programs to startups.

Our investors

Our tailored accelerator program provide competitive investment advantages, unique deal flow and information advantages which de-risks investments. Existing fund investors are family offices, corporate ventures, foundations and pension funds.

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Leading the way for impact investment

There has never been a better time for tech impact startup investments – and to scale profit and impact you need a platform. “Platform” because to solve big challenges you need to scale, build lots of companies, make many bets, and bring in capital and talents from everywhere. One single great investment can be great, but it takes a platform – an investment machinery – to really make a difference.

Investment management

Jakub Pawlak

Investment Associate

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Jakub is probably one of the people with the best overview of Ocean Startups in the world.
Leading investment screening and analysis process, screened more than 1500 startups, and completing all of our investments. Masters degree in Society, science and technology, and is passionate about startups and value creation.

Jonas Skattum Svegaarden

CEO Ocean

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Experienced investment manager and co-founder of the most successful sustainable investing hedge fund in the Nordics. Global experience with small cap investments in non-listed and listed companies within aquaculture, energy and transportation. Pre-IPO investment, debt and equity financing experience.

Jørn Haanæs

Investment Director

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Previous CEO of venture-backed B2B SaaS startup, exit in 2016. Extensive experience with advising numerous of startups and investors through Oslo Business Region. Has a broad international network of VC, investors, partners and organizations.

Ross Brooks

Investment Director

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The Investment professional that led, negotiated and executed 32 ocean investments in 17 countries. Screened +1.800 ocean-tech companies last two years. PE and Impact fund experience from Baillie Gifford and Leapfrog Investments.

Tharald Nikolai Nustad

Founder & Owner

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Serial entrepreneur and venture impact investor invested in 120 tech-companies in 40 countries with a proven track and exits. Founder of Katapult and investor in the funds. Early investor in Otovo and Huddly. Involved in all Katapult accelerator and follow-on investments.