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In brief

Katapult is an investment company, focused on highly scalable impact tech startups. We currently have invested in 169 companies across 47 countries.

Our accelerator programs strengthen our investment in highly-promising impact tech startups. Since 2017, we have conducted 10 flagship accelerator programs and 3 corporate accelerators.

We established the Katapult Foundation in 2020, gathering our non-profit initiatives under one arm. The Foundation is focusing on building the impact community and education efforts around impact investment. Initiatives include Katapult Future Fest, Katapult X and the Nordic Investment Network.

Scale profit and impact

There has never been a better time for tech impact startup investments – and to scale profit and impact you need a platform.

“Tech” because software has been eating the world for more than a decade, disruptions are everywhere, and we have only seen the beginning. It represents a global transition of business development and culture more impactful than the industrial revolution. Over the last years we have seen that tech can have tremendous negative and positive consequences, and our mission is to use tech for good.

“Impact” because all of the biggest challenges the world meet today, from the consequences of splinternett, to a global political attention directed towards sustainability goals, are driving a global trend. If we direct it right, it is both going to make impact investing mainstream, and therefore an outperforming asset class – on the right side of the future.

“Startups” because there has been a shift in where new technologies and innovations arise. Particularly if you want to solve large problems. It used to be within established large corporations, and now, the fastest moving and most impactful solutions are built by entrepreneurs. Startup ecosystems are leading innovation. That trend has accelerated over the last decade, spread to all corners of the world, and we have only seen the beginning.

“Investment” because all of the new solutions that need to be built require an enormous transition of capital into new industrial solutions, ranging from climate-tech, ocean-tech agri-and food-tech, ed-tech, health-tech, food-and agri-tech – to all things tech. The biggest challenges humanity faces today are also the fastest growing markets, represents an unique investment opportunity, and requires huge investments to solve.

“Platform” because to solve big challenges you need to scale, build lots of companies, make many bets, and bring in capital and talents from everywhere. One single great investment can be great, but it takes a platform – an investment machinery – to really make a difference. This year Katapult will reach 100+ tech – impact – startup – investments and we got there by building a platform, and in the next decade we will build it better.

Leading because… otherwise we should do something else.

Katapult was founded by active impact investor Tharald Nustad in 2016. The intention was to go beyond investing his own resources to create vehicles and raise awareness to catalyse more investors to move into impact investing and use technologies ‘to build the world we want to live in’. Katapult has now established itself as the leading player in impact tech in the Nordics. In a short period of time we have invested in more than 138 tech impact startups through our vehicles and put the Katapult Future Fest on the map as the event to go to for impact and tech in Europe.

Our operations

  • Investments
  • Accelerators
  • Scouting
  • Foundation

We work to make impact investing mainstream and mobilize capital and businesses to deliver positive impact. We accelerate and invest in tech companies solving the world’s greatest challenges. This is representing the fastest growing markets and therefore the greatest business opportunities. We have so far invested in 146 companies from 47 different countries.