Mauritius Accelerator

Katapult Mauritius Accelerator at Ferney Agri-hub is an impact accelerator program focusing on regenerative food -and agritech solutions for the African markets. The program fits international startups working within all parts of the food system. The accelerator is part of a larger plan to develop the island nation Mauritius as a focal point for sustainable innovation and transformation.

We are now accepting applications. Are you a startup and interested in this program?

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Rwanda Accelerator

The world’s increasing population means there is an increasing demand for food, along with an increasing environmental footprint from agriculture. New technologies in food production have the potential to radicalize the way we produce and distribute food, as well as manage our food waste. Innovative startups from Africa are encouraged to take the leap and create solutions for the future. Katapult’s Africa Accelerator Program will recruit the best companies and provide them the tools, network and the financial support for success. Together with our partners, Katapult aims to contribute to a transformative, structural change in the food chain.