Blue World Perspective

The aim of Blue World Perspective is to highlight the vast opportunities presented by ocean resources, while simultaneously addressing the challenges our ocean is currently facing, as well as showcasing potential solutions. Learn more about the report and download your full copy of the latest Blue World Perspective.

An Ocean of Opportunity Awaits…

Download the latest copy of Blue World Perspective to view the full report, gain news insights and learn about the most exciting opportunities in the ocean investment space.


About Blue World Perspective

As a part of our investment process, we have screened close to 2000 ocean startups and mapped the global landscape for impact-driven ocean startups. Every year, we share the findings in this report; The Blue World Perspective.

In the 2021 edition, we have additionally mapped the ocean investor landscape, diving deeper into the trends we see within each sector, as well as showcasing some good examples of how companies are working to grow their impact. We have also collaborated with industry partners to share what they see, the initiatives they are taking to protect our ocean and why they believe there are exciting investment opportunities in the ocean space.

Our aim with this report is to highlight the vast opportunities presented by ocean resources. We also want to address the challenges our ocean is currently facing and showcase potential solutions that lie in the growing number of strong ocean impact startups and our joint efforts to support them.


The Katapult Ethos

At Katapult Ocean we believe in a world where a thriving ocean is in harmony with economic development. That is why we invest in and support startups that have a positive impact on our ocean. To that end, we:

Invest in startups that build profitable businesses with a positive impact on our ocean.

Catalyse capital, talent, companies and startups to accelerate the ‘blue shift’ within the ocean industries. We inspire businesses, research institutions and investors to consider the importance of collaborating with startups and how to do so effectively and aspire to foster a more sustainable future by putting human ingenuity and capital to work.

Steward ocean startups to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals with a main focus on Sustainability Development Goal (SDG) 14, Life Below Water.


Download Blue World Perspective

Here you can download the full Blue World Perspective (BWP) report in addition to our earlier reports.

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