Cohort 2023: Adamo Foods

Adamo foods

Adamo Foods is a foodtech company developing healthy, sustainable, and delicious alternatives to meat-whole cuts. They offer ‘steak’ and ‘chicken’ alternatives made from fungal mycelium, providing consumers with a more efficient, ethical, and enjoyable way to eat.

The Problem 

Current meat alternatives are ultra-processed, contain many artificial ingredients and binders, and are not as healthy as they claim to be. Consumers are also let down by the mushy & poor texture of plant-based substitutes. We’re aiming to change this.

The Solution 

At Adamo Foods, they are leveraging the power of fungal fermentation to create ground-breaking alternatives to meat whole-cuts. They’re launching Europe’s first ultra-realistic steak alternative.

Adamo Foods’ Impact

“By leveraging the amazing growth potential of fungi, we’ve built a novel steak alternative which requires 93% less Co2e emissions compared to a traditional steak”. 

Pierre Dupuis, Founder and CEO

Why we invested

With meat production being a key responsible for GHG emissions, especially when accounting for its entire supply chain – food production targeted at animal farming – it is easy to understand why meat alternatives present a big opportunity for helping combating climate change, and thus a big investment opportunity. Adamo Foods’ approach to the problem, leveraging fungal mycelium to create “meat” whole cuts, is very exciting, and the results their developments have shown indicate that this extraordinary team is amongst the best early stage alt-protein companies at the moment. 

Join Adamo Foods at Katapult Climate Investor Day on 6th December 2023. Sign up here.

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