Cohort 2023: Gridio

Konrad Hanschmidt, Co-founder and CEO Gridio
Konrad Hanschmidt, Co-founder and CEO Gridio

Gridio offers smart charging as a service. It’s state of the art software connects to cars, solar and battery inverters and schedules their energy use to the best time. Its service is available via a consumer-facing app as well as white-label solutions across the EU.

The Problem 

Most electric vehicles are charged at home, and at peak hours. This increases EVs’ energy bills, CO2 footprint and grid constraints. 

The Solution 

Gridio’s smart charging platform automatically connects to EVs and solar systems and schedules their charging to the most sensible hours – either the cheapest, cleanest or sunniest. Gridio offers smart charging under its own app or through white-labelling to companies with who have EV drivers as customers or employees. 

Gridio’s Impact

“Today, Gridio smart charges more than 8,000 connected electric vehicles, lowering drivers’ bills by 30% and the CO2 footprint of charging by more than 10%. Our goal is to become the largest such platform globally, and make EVs a bedfellow for renewables in a modern energy world.”

Konrad Hanschmidt, Co-founder and CEO 

Why we invested

With accelerating electrification of transportation bringing additional challenges on energy grids, Gridio’s software approach to enabling EVs’ smart charging is incredibly scalable and impactful. Their solution facilitates the integration of cars, their batteries and internal systems with chargers and the grid, benefiting the consumer, the grid operator and the environment, by favouring charging when electricity is cleaner and cheaper, indirectly enabling more renewable energy integration and increasing the competitiveness of fleets adopting electric, efficient, vehicles rather than internal combustion, high emitting, alternatives.

Join Gridio at Katapult Climate Investor Day, 6th September. Sign up here.

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