Cohort 2023: Over Easy Solar

Trygve Mongstad, Founder Over Easy Solar
Trygve Mongstad, Founder Over Easy Solar

Over Easy Solar delivers prefabricated solar units for flat and green rooftops. The product is unique to the market with vertical bi-facial solar panels, designed for easy installation and maintenance.

The Problem 

Although flat roofs represent a market of tens of billions of euro per year, there is no prefabricated solution on the market that comprehensively targets the needs of installers and building owners. 

The Solution 

The prefabricated PV unit with vertical solar panels from Over Easy Solar is 10x faster to mount, a light-weight solution suitable for almost any kind of flat rooftop, and with a highly valuable energy production profile. 

Over Easy Solar

Over Easy Solar’s Impact

“After years of experience in the solar industry, my primary goal was to make solar installations on flat roofs faster and simpler to install. Now, we see that the innovative solution also solves many of the common challenges encountered for flat roof solar installations”. Trygve Mongstad, Founder 

Why we invested

As much as established angled photovoltaic panels can benefit distributed clean energy production, a considerable amount of buildings are technically limited to adopting it, or owners are still concerned about the challenges and risks of owning and maintaining such systems. Over Easy Solar identified this problem and has developed a prefabricated unit with vertical bi-facial solar panels, specifically designed for flat rooftops. Due to its technical specifications and benefits, decentralized clean energy is now available to the entire market, and cities can take advantage of more resilient buildings and energy grids.

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