Cohort 2023: Solfium


Solfium is a fully managed marketplace that delivers fit-for-purpose installed rooftop solar solutions to customers and integrates best-on-class component manufacturers, local installers and financing partners. They work with large corporations to meet Net Zero mandates by reducing, aggregating and reporting Scope 2 & 3 emission reductions from solar energy.

The Problem 

The landscape of solar energy adoption faces several challenges. For residential consumers, the difficulty lies in finding a trustworthy installer who can reliably install a solar system that will last for 25 years. This uncertainty makes the decision to adopt solar energy a daunting one. Corporate consumers, on the other hand, are grappling with the need to fulfill full value chain Net-Zero commitments, which have become the norm. 

Despite the growing demand, there is a lack of integrated solutions that can efficiently deliver, aggregate, and report greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions. Installers are also facing hurdles. The highly fragmented market means they spend considerable time and effort finding customers, handling inventory, and arranging financing for customers. The competition is fierce, often leading to a race to the bottom in terms of price, as they lack differentiation. Lastly, consumers typically do not request components by brand. As a result, components have become commoditized, leaving OEMs relying on distributors and facing squeezed margins.

The Solution 

Solfium aims to address these challenges with tailored solutions. For residential consumers, Solfium offers peace of mind and simplifies the adoption of solar energy, making it an accessible and worry-free choice. For corporate consumers, Solfium not only delivers GHG reductions within a 3—6 month timeframe but also provides tools to measure and monitor the impact across the value chain, encompassing customers, suppliers, and employees. Installers benefit significantly from Solfium’s approach, as it provides them with a steady customer pipeline and training, handles inventory and financing, and offers higher margins on installation. This model enhances economics for local installers. Lastly, for OEMs, Solfium opens up a more direct channel to market helping them move away from the constraints of traditional distribution models and the challenges of commoditization.

Solfium’s Impact

“Solfium’s primary impact relates to reducing CO2 emissions. Solfium PV solar systems we plan to instal by 2033 are expected to reduce 70 million tons of CO2 over their 25-year lives. Solfium also fosters economic development by reducing electricity costs for homes and businesses.” Andres Friedman

Why we invested

All countries are working towards cleaning their energy matrix, but some still have high polluting energy sources that affect the footprint of companies and their products/services. In this setting, Solfium has developed an interesting business development strategy to increase market adoption of their marketplace platform that facilitates the adoption of solar energy by individuals and businesses. The company works with corporations to reduce their Scope 2 & 3 emissions, leveraging their relationships with customers, suppliers and partners to push for cleaner energy adoption. 

The adoption of Solfium by the market indicates that they’re on track to making a fantastic impact in the energy space.

Join Solfium at Katapult Climate’s Investor Day on 6th December. Sign up here!

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