Arendalsuka 2023: Oslo freedom forum & Katapult – AI and our Society

August 15, 2023 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm CET

ARENDALSUKA 2023: AI and our Society. Ethical use of intelligence – is it possible?

The public is invited to listen to a panel debate with prominent technologists, business leaders and academics on how we as a society can ensure the ethical use of artificial intelligence in the coming years.

When used responsibly, artificial intelligence can contribute to breakthrough innovation to solve global challenges, improve the lives of individuals and streamline international trade and the economy. However, artificial intelligence also carries significant risks, which could give authoritarian regimes the ability to control the population, increase unemployment and undermine privacy.

It is clear that states, organizations and individuals have different views on the ethical and responsible use of AI. To maximize the benefits and minimize the negative consequences, decision-makers, consumers, business and politicians must engage with the opportunities and challenges this technology brings. In this conversation, we explore how business, media and politics can work together for a responsible and ethical public debate on AI.

Time: Tuesday 15 August, 16:00
Place: Søgne Boat, Rådhusgaten, 4836 Arendal 

between Arendal Gamle Rådhus & the Clarion Tyholmen Hotel