Katatpult X SHE Investor Event

April 19, 2023 from 12:00 am CET
SHE Conference 2023

On 18 April, Katapult and SHE will host a networking event at Katapult’s Oslo HQ (top floor of Rebel). Co-hosted hosted by Katapult and SHE, the event will be held on the opening day of SHE conference on 18 April. More information to follow. Save the date and if you would like to receive an invite contact send us a message, here.

The annual SHE Conference provides a platform and meeting ground for business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, talents and thought leaders across industries and borders.

SHE – Social Human Equity launched an enormously successful digital conference in 2021, with a viewership of over 15000 people and continued success in 2022. This year, SHE 2023 Digital offers the full Main Stage programme, and is also packed with additional material to enhance your opportunities to learn, be inspired, and implement the knowledge gained.

The conference and digital platform provide quality content which informs, empowers and delivers value to our audience also translates into real business and brand value for our partners and sponsors. High quality well-produced content that stays online can communicate your company values to a larger audience and can inspire your company co-workers and employees.

To purchase tickets for both the digital and physical event, follow the link here.