Alison Fort: A new chapter in my impact investing journey – AI ethics

Alison and Sara Zannone, Head of Research at Holistic AI
Alison and Sara Zannone, Head of Research at Holistic AI

How do we manage the AI revolution in a responsible and ethical way? Which policy frameworks and regulations will we need to address accountability challenges? How can social and economic models mitigate negative effects on labour markets?

These are the questions that will increasingly come to define future society. Applying her wealth of experience from the field of impact investing, insights from the impact community and current learnings from undertaking a Masters in AI ethics and society at the University of Cambridge, Katapult Foundation’s CEO Alison Fort shares her thoughts on the intersection between impact investing and AI ethics. While society shares rightful concerns over the increasing prevalence of AI, at its best, ethical AI holds the potential to serve the public and promote fairness and equality in outcomes for the people using it.

You can read the full article via the link, here.

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