Humberto Trevino joins the Katapult team

Humberto Trevino

Katapult is delighted to announce a new addition to the team: Humberto Trevino, Katapult’s new AI & Analytics Director. Humberto has over 13 years experience in Marketing and Commercial roles, including brand marketing for some of the largest FMCG brands and in the education industry as a CCO developing commercial processes & strategies. Furthermore, Humberto holds an educational background in International Business and Business Analytics, having studied at both the Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM), Mexico and the BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo.

Using his impressive business and academic acumen, Humberto will help Katapult leverage AI and Data science and other Business Analytics tools applied in our screening and CRM processes to extract insights and increase our efficiency and effectiveness. 

It was Humberto’s experience interning with Katapult Ocean that attracted him to the new position. Humberto notes: “I initially came across Katapult through its Ocean thematic. Since I was a kid I have always had a special spot in my heart for the oceans and the amazing role they play in our lives. I was also drawn to Katapult’s trailblazing perspective on impact. We are told in mainstream business circles that environmental impact is at odds with profits and paying the bills. Once I learned about Katapult’s mission and values, asserting that profit through impact is possible, and being lucky enough to meet the rest of the team,  I knew this was the kind of organization that I wanted to be a part of.”

Humberto is excited to begin the new role and help Katapult leverage AI and data science to create the maximum impact. He observes, “New technologies are allowing us to achieve things we never thought possible. AI & data science are helping us solve optimization problems and discover things we previously considered unknowable. Vast volumes of data that are stored and processed can inform new and fascinating models of our world and its phenomena. In turn this advances knowledge and expands our scope of positive impact. While we often hear of the perceived dangers of the information age, I find the potential of new technologies to protect our planet and climate even more amazing.” 

Fredrik Winther, CEO of Katapult Group notes, “Humberto  is among those talents who understand that tech plays an important role for doing good. At the moment, and throughout the whole field of venture investments, we see a race to employ new and often AI driven tools. Humberto will be instrumental in our initiatives to lead in that space, and with the combination of right values, team spirit, and the tech-perspectives we need, I really look forward to his contributions to make Katapult even more impactful. ”  

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