Katapult and Dealroom sign a multi-angled partnership agreement

Katapult's Fredrik Winther (L), Marcus Hølland Eikeland (R) and Dealroom's Orla Browne (Second from Left) discussing 'AI in Venture' at Katapult Future Fest.
Katapult’s Fredrik Winther (L), Marcus Hølland Eikeland (R) and Dealroom’s Orla Browne (Second from Left) discussing ‘AI in Venture’ at Katapult Future Fest.

Katapult is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Dealroom, a globally recognized source of startup data. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to building a data-driven venture capital firm and further solidifies our position as a knowledge partner in the Impact Investing Ecosystem.

The collaboration between Katapult and Dealroom aims to foster and develop the Dealroom Impact Ecosystem, while also working alongside Forum Oceano to build a thriving Blue Economy ecosystem known as Hub Azul. Through this partnership, we will also leverage our Africa funds and knowledge to explore further opportunities and create a lasting impact on these ecosystems.

Dealroom’s extensive breadth and depth of startup data make it an invaluable resource for our data-driven initiatives. Humberto Trevino, AI & Data Analytics Director at Katapult, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “Dealroom is widely recognized among the top sources of startup data in the world. The coverage in breadth and depth of their data makes it a great source for our Data-driven initiatives. We look forward to all the insights we will uncover with their data and the exciting tools we can build to enrich and support our operations and decision-making at Katapult.”

On Dealroom’s partnership with Katapult, Orla Browne, Head of Insights at Dealroom says: “By combining our expertise in impact investing and blue economy initiatives with Dealroom’s rich startup data, we aim to unlock new opportunities and drive positive change. The partnership will enable us to make data-informed investment decisions, identify promising startups, and support their growth and development effectively.”

At Katapult, we have always believed in the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing to create meaningful impact. This partnership with Dealroom reaffirms our commitment to building a global community of changemakers and entrepreneurs working towards a sustainable future. Together, we will leverage our collective expertise, resources, and networks to foster innovation, drive economic growth, and address the most pressing challenges faced by our society.

As we embark on this exciting journey with Dealroom, we remain committed to integrating AI and data analytics solutions into our internal operations. By harnessing the power of technology, we can enhance our investment strategies, identify emerging trends, and unlock new opportunities for both our portfolio companies and future investors alike.

We are thrilled about the future prospects of this partnership and the positive impact that it can enable. You can stay updated on our partnership with Dealroom and receive the latest news from Katapult by signing up for our newsletter, here.

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