Impact Report 2022

Explore Katapult’s approach to impact investing, our recorded impact to date and impressive stories from across our portfolio.

Our impact at a glance

From the very beginning, Katapult’s mission has been to create a thriving world for all. We believe that it is possible to achieve this through impact investments. We’re aware that we’re only one piece of the puzzle, but to be able to reach the Sustainable Development Goals we need all hands on deck. By doing what we are best at, investing in and accelerating startups, we’re making our contribution.

Through this report we want to share with you how we’re working with impact in Katapult both before we invest in a startup, during the accelerator program, and with our portfolio companies.

We are proud of the progress we have made in creating a diverse portfolio of high-impact companies, and we are grateful for the support of our partners who share our vision of a more sustainable and thriving future.

Enjoy the read!

Ocean Rainforest impact

Ocean impact: Ocean Rainforest

“Cultivation of seaweed in open ocean conditions can be scaled to produce enormous amounts of biomass without any known negative impact on the marine ecosystem. Seaweed cultivation does not require any feed, chemical fertilizer, nor fresh water or land. In fact, seaweed cultivation can improve the surrounding ecosystem, as it takes up CO2, as it grows. For every metric ton of harvested seaweed 110 kg of CO 2 is taken up from the ocean. As we remove the CO2, we reduce acidification in the ocean, and thereby improve conditions for biological diversity. This is one of the few industries were you can truly say: The more we do – the better we do!”

Olavur Gregersen
Co-founder and CEO, Ocean Rainforest

BioEsol impact

Climate Impact: BioEsol

“We are all about energy autonomy, and we deliver this by facilitating the transition to the use of clean energy to SMBs, having a strong impact in reducing CO2 emissions, preventing the waste of renewable energy and promoting financial inclusion by providing access to affordable power.

Alejandra Alfaro
Co-Founder & CSO, BioEsol

Crop2Cash Impact

Africa Impact: Crop2Cash

“We grow the number of new customers monthly by over 40% and have reached over 80,000 farmers as of July 2022. These farmers previously lacked access to the key inputs, insurance, and credit. With Crop2Cash, they now have instant, mobile access with no internet required, improving income and quality of life. Our goal is to reach 1 million farmers in the next 12-18 months.”

Michael Ogundare
CEO and Co-founder Crop2Cash