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In case you missed out…

Held on 25th August, Katapult Africa’s first investor day was attended by over 200 investors. Don’t worry if you missed out, you can watch the full event here:

Crop2Cash logo

Crop2Cash (Nigeria)

Digitalizes the value chain of food crops by building tools for agro-processors, allowing them to manage their supply relationships with farmers and other suppliers digitally. Crop2Cash eases activities like weighing, quality control and extension services.

HerVest logo

HerVest (Nigeria)

Addresses the gender gap in Agriculture, by providing growth opportunities to female small-scale farmers in rural areas towards specific crops, grain banking, livestock, and provision of digitized e-extension services.

Sensegrass logo

Sensegrass (India)

Offers 360 farming solutions based on cutting edge technology including Nano-Satellite Mapping, Rover Bots and AI-based mobile & web application that makes farming simpler and more efficient.

MooMe logo

MooMe (Tunisia)

Offers innovative software and hardware to help monitor dairy farming production across the entire value chain. MooMe provides metrics on herd health to increase animal well being and milk production, and storage and tracking for Milk Collection Centers and field advisors.

Rural Farmers Hub logo

Rural Farmers Hub

Provides agricultural services to small and big farmers. Rural Farmer Hub’s core product – Capture™ – uses a proprietary algorithm and big data to assess crop and soil health, then generate near-real time farming insights and advice.

Complete farmer logo

Complete Farmer (Ghana)

Offers a unique platform that connects farmers to global food buyers and assists them in gaining a competitive edge across the supply chain.

OKO logo

OKO Finance (Mali)

Leverages data to provide effective, affordable insurance to farmers in emerging markets and deliver instant claim settlement. By leveraging the increasing influence of mobile technology, OKO Finance aims to help overcome income distribution insufficiencies for those who feed the world.

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