Cohort 2023: Gigablue


Gigablue are on a mission to combat global warming through pioneering enhanced technology to improve the efficiency and viability of the biological pump as a means of carbon dioxide removal, addressing climate change at its roots for a sustainable future.

The Problem 

The escalating crisis of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere, largely accumulated over the last century due to industrial activities and unsustainable practices, is drastically altering Earth’s ecosystems. This situation necessitates a shift from mere pollution reduction to implementing effective negative emission solutions. We stand as the last generation capable of reversing the environmental damage since the Industrial Revolution, facing a crucial moment where immediate action is vital to mitigate and reverse climate change’s impacts for future generations.

The Solution 

GigaBlue’s mCDR technology is a game-changer in the fight against climate change, providing an environmentally friendly, affordable solution that scales carbon dioxide removal to unprecedented levels. Through a unique geo-targeted particle that stimulates phytoplankton growth for carbon fixation, and a controlled gravity core for deep ocean sequestration, GigaBlue leads the charge in nature-inspired, scalable, and cost-effective carbon capture methods.

Gigablue’s Impact

GigaBlue has achieved significant strides in environmental technology, evidenced by multiple statements of maturity, reducing technology risks. Their innovative approach has garnered considerable customer interest and led to interest from leading buyers. GigaBlue’s advancements in mCDR technology are setting new benchmarks in scalable and affordable carbon capture methods. Their efforts are not only pioneering in the field but are also pivotal in driving global progress towards more effective climate change mitigation.

Why we invested

At Katapult, we recognize that GigaBlue’s strength lies not only in its innovative mCDR technology but also in its multidisciplinary team of seasoned co-founders, talented technologists, and experienced business and operations professionals. This blend of expertise and proven track record positions GigaBlue uniquely in the scalable carbon dioxide removal space. Their technology’s potential to efficiently reduce atmospheric CO2, backed by a team capable of navigating the complexities of environmental solutions, aligns perfectly with our commitment to investing in ventures that deliver real environmental impact and sustainable progress.

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