Cohort 2023: NewFish

New Fish

NewFish is developing a natural nutrition from water technology platform harnessing the potential of microalgae as a primary source of non GMO protein, fiber and bioactive food ingredients. Through its proprietary fermentation and processing technology, NewFish offers a sustainable way to provide people with excellent, complete natural nutrition without harming our earth and oceans.

The Problem 

Protein and food production today is inefficient, pollutive, and we do not have enough to feed 10 billion people. 

Protein from plants offers hope. But the nutrition today from these sources is inferior to animal-derived nutrition. 

The Solution 

Unlocking natural protein from our earth’s pristine waters.  

Invisible to the naked eye, our waters hold billions of microscopic algae, filled with complete proteins, fats and vitamins – core nutrition that underpins the whole water-based ecosystem. 

NewFish’s technology harnesses these microalgae, unlocking a sustainable source of pure, complete nutrition that rivals the very best animal nutrition without any of the environmental externalities.

Newfish’s Impact

“We have discovered a better scientific process to make the best nutrition for humans. Issac Asimov once envisioned this in 1961, and today it’s a reality. Our technology solutions support the worlds top global nutrition business to transition to better food system. Enabling global food security and promoting healthier waters and oceans. By 2028 we plan to reduce carbon emissions by 7.3 million tonnes of carbon, 9 million hectares of forest and 553 million cubic meters of water per year” says CEO Toby Lane. 

Why we invested

The NewFish team combines decades of experience in food, nutrition and algal science to bring a next generation of marine based protein to the market. NewFish has an exclusive partnership with one of the world’s largest Pacific libraries of microalgae. Algal proteins have the potential to play a key role in relieving pressure and increasing redundancy in our increasingly strained global food system – we are very excited to be part of their journey.

Join NewFish at Katapult Ocean’s Investor Day on 5th November. Sign up here

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