Cohort 2023: Pascal Technologies


Pascal Technologies is accelerating the transition to greener means of maritime transportation through air lubrication technology that drastically improves the energy efficiency and range of electric, and other alternative fuelled boats.

The Problem 

Shipping, and other forms for maritime transportation, account for more than 3% of global GHG emissions. Traditional boats are far from efficient, especially when considering energy use per passenger. The simple explanation is that boats move through water which is more than 800 times denser than air. Therefore, the transition to a low- or zero emission regime is challenging. Innovation is required along a set of dimensions including energy carriers, propulsion systems and hull technology. Pascal delivers technology that reduces the total energy need for boats. This enables long-range electric boats, or simply reduces emissions for fossil fueled boats.

The Solution 

Pascal enables electrification of boats by significantly improving performance. Pascal sells AirHull-technology which is an efficient and robust hull solution. It can be applied to both fossil-fueled- and zero emission vessels and will in any case contribute to reducing the energy requirement by up to 50% compared to conventional vessels. The incentives for increasing energy efficiency are largest for zero emissions applications, in particular battery electric vessels and this is where we spend most of our efforts. By combining our technology with battery electric propulsion we can double the electric range and make electric boats a viable option across many applications.

Pascal Technologies’ Impact

“We’re working to push the performance of boats and be an enabler for the transition to electric boats. We have already established partnerships with boat builders to produce electric boats with our technology. Currently, we are working across segments with leisure boats and work boats for the aquaculture industry. Increased energy efficiency will play an important role in reducing costs, which is of high importance.” Carl Rehn, CEO

Why we invested

Marine transport decarbonization is accelerating, with leaps in efficiency within reach through combining new forms of propulsion with enabling technologies such as those offered by Pascal Technologies. Pascal’s system offers significant range extension for vessels while maintaining safety and maneuverability, improving the economics and adoption rate for low emission propulsion.  We are excited to join a great team and shareholder group to enable a green revolution on water!

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