Cohort 2023: Syrenna


Syrenna is an ocean data company using cutting edge subsea robotic solutions and AI to drastically improve ocean data collection, unlocking blue carbon markets and natural capital monitoring to enable greater restoration and conservation finance in the future.

The Problem

An estimated 80% of the ocean is unmapped. Today´s solutions for gathering ocean data are expensive, time consuming and resource-heavy. Technology on the market generally costs hundreds of thousands of euros, weighs several tonnes and requires large vessels and trained personnel to operate.

The Solution

Syrenna’s solution is the patent-pending WaterDrone and accompanying data platform based on four years´ research at Oslo Metropolitan University´s Ocean Lab. Syrenna has created an underwater vehicle which can be deployed by any person and any vessel. This modular data vehicle can carry many different sensors extracting data from the ocean in a more affordable and easier way. The WaterDrone is moored giving you point data exactly where you need it and covers the entire water column moving vertically from the ocean floor to the surface where it transmits data to a secure cloud. The data is then visualised and accessed via a simple-to-use data platform.

Syrenna’s Impact

“Syrenna provides data for a more sustainable future of our oceans. By way of example, we provide oceanographic data and insights to accelerate the building of offshore wind farms that are critical for our future energy needs.” Alex Alcocer, CTO

Why we invested

Current solutions for gathering ocean data are often cost prohibitive, require teams of people to operate, and can only collect data for a short period of time. This presents a significant problem, as with an increase in offshore infrastructure projects, MPA monitoring and Natural Capital Asset management, stakeholders across industries need a cheaper, easily deployable, reliable solutions to collect data around ocean assets. Syrenna’s low-cost, easy-to-deploy, and highly-versatile underwater drone can measure a wide range of in-situ data points for these stakeholders. We can’t wait to start working with the team to enable large scale impact via the data they collect.

Join Syrenna at Katapult Ocean’s Annual Investor Day, sign up here.

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