Cohort 2023: Triton Anchor

Triton Anchor

Triton Anchor provides efficient, environmentally friendly, versatile anchoring solutions to significantly lower the cost and installation time of floating wind and other offshore renewable energy, enabling greater, more rapid adoption for such projects in the process.

The Problem 

The problem with deploying a large number of anchors lies in several challenges: current anchor technology is outdated and primitive, anchors are expensive, and their construction and transportation are complex. Furthermore, the installation methods used are detrimental to marine life. While these issues were manageable when only a few oil and gas platforms were installed annually, the burgeoning floating wind industry, which necessitates the installation of hundreds of platforms every year, escalates the situation. This translates to a demand for thousands of anchors yearly, a requirement that cannot be met with the existing anchor options. Therefore, the introduction of the Triton Anchor is not just a necessity but a vital requirement in this context.

The Solution 

Triton Anchor, utilizing highly efficient off-the-shelf helical piles, represents a significant innovation in anchor technology. Its patent-pending system, distinguished by an efficient design, offers a cost advantage over competitors. The modular construction of Triton Anchor is a critical feature, facilitating rapid fabrication near deployment ports. Its lightweight construction allows for the use of smaller, more accessible, and less expensive vessels for installation. The helical piles in the anchor provide robust uplift capacity in challenging soil conditions. Moreover, Triton Anchor’s patent-pending installation tool is designed to operate silently, eliminating harmful effects on marine life. While there are other new and modified anchor technologies, Triton Anchor uniquely addresses a comprehensive range of customer pain points, setting it apart as a ground-up design innovation.

Triton Anchor’s Impact

We have received multiple statements of maturities from ABS to de-risk our technology, attracted numerous customer inquiries and secured our first anchor deployment contract. – Zach Miller, CTO

Why we invested

With the advent of offshore wind, offshore solar, wave energy converters and other increasingly prominent offshore infrastructure, there is a need for cheaper, more rapidly and efficiently installed, anchoring systems. Triton Anchor, with its patented helical pile anchor and installation tool significantly reduces both the cost and installation time of such systems, improving the unit economics for offshore renewables and thereby further enabling such technologies to thrive. Furthermore, their unique design allows for vertical, tension leg anchor systems in comparison to the semi-taut systems that have become the industry norm. Allowing for vertical anchoring systems removes the risk of anchor lines dragging along the ocean floor, meaning not only does Triton Anchor’s system enable renewable energy installation, they also do so in an environmentally sustainable way. 

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