Katapult Ocean stands with coalition to Defend the Deep: A Pledge Against Seabed Mining

Katapult Ocean call for moratorium on seabed mining
(L-R) Katapult Ocean’s Ingrid Maurstad and Ross Brooks, Dr. Sylvia Earle and CEO of WWF-Norway Karoline Andaur.

In a world facing growing concerns over ocean health and sustainability, Katapult Ocean is taking a bold stand by signing a call for a moratorium on seabed mining. This pledge, rooted in the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition’s call to action, emphasizes the need to preserve fragile deep-sea ecosystems from the detrimental effects of seabed mining. By signing, Katapult Ocean is reiterating its commitment to fostering a sustainable blue economy and safeguarding our oceans.

Deep-seabed mining represents a major risk to our oceans and poses significant threats to the ocean’s biodiversity, including the destruction of unique ecosystems, the disturbance of carbon storage processes, and the release of harmful substances that can disrupt marine life. Katapult Ocean’s decision to sign the call for a moratorium and committing to not invest in such companies, is a testament to our dedication to ocean health and the alignment of Katapult’s investment mandate with sustainable ocean solutions.

The CEO of Katapult Ocean, Jonas Skattum Svegaarden, elaborates on the importance of collaboration in the fight for ensuring sustainable oceanic ecosystems: “Katapult Ocean’s call for a moratorium on seabed mining is a reflection of our deep-rooted commitment to safeguarding the world’s oceans. We recognize that the well-being of our blue planet hinges on sustainable development and innovative technologies that address the urgent challenges our oceans face. By standing together against activities that pose potential risks to ocean health, we are sending a clear message of our dedication to long-term marine conservation.”

Katapult Ocean’s track record of investing in innovative and sustainable ocean solutions, such as clean energy production, sustainable food harvesting, and marine waste management, showcases our steadfast commitment to fostering a thriving blue economy.

The recent signing of the moratorium on deep sea mining is also reflective of Katapult’s Ocean long standing commitment to align with other organizations and stakeholders who safeguard and advocate for healthy ocean ecosystems. In 2018, Katapult entered a formal collaboration with WWF-Norway to help promote and foster sustainable ocean initiatives.

On the growing call for the moratorium, CEO of WWF-Norway Karoline Andaur says: “We are just beginning to discover the mysteries of the deep sea and the species that live there. We can not risk long term and irreversible damage to these ecosystems. We welcome Katapult Ocean’s support to the call for a moratorium on deep sea mining. Together with companies like Volvo, Samsung, BMW and Google, they are sending a strong message to decision makers –that knowledge needs to guide our decision making, and we need to understand the deep sea and the implications our actions might have in these unknown ecosystems.”

Our partnership with WWF-Norway, as well as Katapult Ocean’s support for the moratorium on deep sea mining, further solidifies our position as a leader in ocean impact investing.

As the global community becomes increasingly aware of the need to protect our oceans, Katapult Ocean’s proactive stance against destructive practices like seabed mining serves as a call to further action. By working together with WWF-Norway and other like-minded organizations, Katapult Ocean is leading the charge in the battle for a sustainable blue economy and a healthier future for our oceans.

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