Katapult wins best Nordic Accelerator Program Award

Katapult receiving Nordic Startup Award
Photo credit: Nordic Startup Awards

We are delighted to announce that last week, Katapult Ocean won the category of best accelerator/incubator program at the Nordic Startup Awards hosted in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Upon winning Katapult’s Program Director, Marcus Hølland Eikeland said: “Every single employee of Katapult helps to make this the best program there is…I don’t know of anyone else who does that. So, I think that, combined with a unique network, engaging learning sessions and asynchronous content is the reason we have received prizes like this, again and again…”

We would like to extend a massive thank you to Nordic Startups Awards for hosting a fantastic event and to everyone who voted for us!

Wondering what makes an award winning accelerator? Here is what some of last year’s participants said about the program:

“Katapult gave us access to a network of world class leaders in climate and ocean-tech, allowing us to foster valuable mentorship and fundraising connections during the program.”-12 Tides

“We joined Katapult Ocean knowing that it had the reputation for being the world’s best maritime accelerator – it exceeded all our expectations. A world-class team of mentors, coaches, program managers and supporters who are all experienced and passionate about helping you grow your business.”-ACUA Ocean

“Katapult has become a partner in the truest sense of the word – opening new channels for finance and customer development that were simply inaccessible prior to the program. Being embedded in the Norwegian ecosystem has also proven to be invaluable, helping us to establish direct bonds between Norwegian and American partners, each at the forefront of their fields, but often with limited prior contact.”-Biofeyn

“Katapult gave us a huge network and made us investor ready. They have been extremely valuable for us!”-Freepower

“Through a world class team and different way of operating, Katapult has surpassed expectations. We would recommend this program to anyone.”-Gazelle Wind Power

“The whole Katapult experience, programme, team and investment has been a pivotal time for our company. It has been 3 months of value, reflection, learning, planning and getting way more ambitious! We cannot recommend the program enough.”-GKinetic

“It’s a very intense program with a lot of practical and valuable content. Even for those who have experience with raising capital and building startups some of the training provided by Katapult can be eye-opening. The program requires quite a lot of time, but if done properly it can save months of work later and it is still manageable for most startups.”-SoftSeaweed

Interested to learn more about Katapult’s high impact portfolio companies, click here.

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