How to Prepare for Your First-Stage Interview With An Accelerator

You’ve landed an interview with a startup accelerator. Congrats! This means you have demonstrated that you have a valuable idea, a dedicated team with the skills to pull it off, and that there is a market demand for your product.

So, what next? Interviewing with an accelerator is different from any other interview you would prepare for. It isn’t a job interview nor is it an investor interview.

Making a lasting impression is your priority. Accelerator programs like Katapult’s have the chance to select from over 1500 impact-driven startups from around the world. That means you only have a 15 minute window of opportunity to convince us that you’re a startup worth investing in.

Don’t let the opportunity go.

Be prepared!

To help you prepare, our scouting team has put together a list of tips to ensure that you will nail your accelerator interview. It is our hope that you will excel in your interview(s) and claim a well-deserved place in an impact accelerator.

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