Inclusive Energy

The Katapult accelerator is a very high quality and intense program, both diving into business fundamentals and the specifics of building an impact business in the climate/ocean space. We joined the program slightly skeptical but emerged fully converted. The Katapult team itself is a major strength and they have pulled together an amazing cast of characters to complement them. Inclusive Energy is now a stronger, more confident business that, with Katapult on board, is ready to scale.

Hyperion Robotics Profile

Hyperion Robotics

The Katapult program has been a unique life experience. From exceptional B2B sales, hiring and fundraising training to top investor connections, mentors and a great group of people, Katapult has helped us become a better company and we feel that now we have a more solid path to achieve our mission of transforming construction into a sustainable industry.

Wattnow profile


Katapult was an accelerator program that made great sense in our strategy and that was perfectly tailored to our needs. Having access to the Katapult network, through the mentorship sessions & introductions really helped us in the formulation and deployment of our investor & impact strategies. Being now part of the Katapult family is something that we can only be proud of.

SoftSeaweed Profile


It’s a very intense program with a lot of practical and valuable content. Even for those who have experience with raising capital and building startups some of the training provided by Katapult can be eye-opening. The program requires quite a lot of time, but if done properly it can save months of work later and it is still manageable for most startups.

Freepower profile


Katapult gave us a huge network and made us investor ready. They have been extremely valuable for us!

12 tides profile

12 Tides

Katapult gave us access to a network of world class leaders in climate and ocean-tech, allowing us to foster valuable mentorship and fundraising connections during the program.

Recylink profile


Intense and great, the program is literally a Katapult to the next stage in our adventure.

ACUA Ocean profile

ACUA Ocean

We joined Katapult Ocean knowing that it had the reputation for being the world’s best maritime accelerator – it exceeded all our expectations. A world-class team of mentors, coaches, program managers and supporters who are all experienced and passionate about helping you grow your business.

GKinetic profile


The whole Katapult experience, programme, team and investment has been a pivotal time for our company. It has been 3 months of value, reflection, learning, planning and getting way more ambitious! We cannot recommend the program enough.

Sally-R profile


Super relevant and highly valuable for any startup.

Biofeyn profile


Katapult has become a partner in the truest sense of the word – opening new channels for finance and customer development that were simply inaccessible prior to the program. Being embedded in the Norwegian ecosystem has also proven to be invaluable, helping us to establish direct bonds between Norwegian and American partners, each at the forefront of their fields, but often with limited prior contact.

Frame profile


Being a Katapult Climate alumni Frame is now much better equipped to scale the business, we are more aligned as a team, and we are ready to get the right investors onboard – not only for the next round but for the entire journey.

NXT Grid

NXT Grid

If you think you know enough to create a professional and efficient start-up…think twice and contact Katapult.

Gazelle Profile

Gazelle Wind Power

Through a world class team and different way of operating, Katapult has surpassed expectations. We would recommend this program to anyone.

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