NewFish, Ocean 2023
“Our team has grown immensely through the Katapult Ocean programme. We are leaving this three month sprint with a much clearer impact story and metrics that we can track to ensure delivery of our commitment to ocean protection. The investor readiness and growth sprints gave us excellent tools to build structure and long term strategy around our fundraising. Let’s build this!”

Triton Anchor, Ocean 2023
“The Katapult Accelerator offers excellent guidance and teachings into clean teach companies. The program focuses on all aspects and doesn’t leave anything out.”

Syrenna, Ocean 2023
“The Katapult team are really great. We felt really supported throughout the whole program  – the team really cares and tries to do whatever possible to set you up for success.”

Gridio, Climate 2023
“Pre-Katapult, we were amateurs at telling our impact story to our employees, partners and investors. That’s what motivated us to join the program. The multi-week focus on impact measurement and story-telling really opened our eyes and helped us develop a clear metric framework and robust long-term roadmap on building our impact story going forward.”

Mocean Energy, Climate 2023
“The Katapult program provides a unique offering particularly around impact and investment that has massively progressed our strategy and capabilities for raising investment and becoming the high-growth, high-impact company we know we can be!”

Cirkula, Climate 2023
“Katapult Accelerator was a game-changer for Cirkula! This top-notch program helped us map out a killer 5-year fundraising strategy, step up our impact metrics reporting and more. The network we built there was unreal, we met some seriously smart founders and mentors along the way.”

Phoenix Carbon, Climate 2023
“As a veteran in the startup space with successful exits you assume you’ve seen it all and done it all…Katapult remarkably manages to bring fresh perspective and insight and tests your ability to think critically and strategically…any venture that manages to get in will not regret their participation.”

Adamo Foods, Climate 2023
“We’ve done several accelerators so far, Katapult has been the best.”

Planboo Eco AB, Climate 2023
“A very well organised accelerator program for later stage startups. Incredible details, insights and perspectives that open your eyes to the full lifecycle of a startup.”

Coral Vita, Ocean 2023
“Katapult is the premier ocean Super Connector. If you are looking for investors, partners, collaborators, mentors, or amazing peers, the Katapult network has what you need.”

Vycarb, Ocean 2023
“Katapult’s Accelerator Program was a great opportunity to learn more about, and dive deeper in, the strategic planning of our company’s overall trajectory, from impact and revenue to investors and strategic partners.  “

The Tyre Collective, Climate 2023
“Joining Katapult has been instrumental for our development. They helped us develop an impact management plan, define a long term funding strategy, implement new processes, which has helped us secure further investment.”

Solfium Inc, Climate 2023
“Katapult’s program has had an direct and high impact on Solfium’s journey. The rigour, depth, and pace (you need to move fast), and the team’s support have prepared us for the next step on our journey to dramatically accelerate the adoption of distributed solar energy and to deliver venture returns and impact.”

Over Easy Solar, Climate 2023
“Katapults program was great mental training for preparing to become an impactful company in all ways, and their network is incredible”

12 Tides, Ocean 2021
“We joined Katapult Ocean knowing that it had the reputation for being the world’s best maritime accelerator – it exceeded all our expectations. A world-class team of mentors, coaches, program managers and supporters who are all experienced and passionate about helping you grow your business.”

ACUA Ocean, Ocean 202112 Tides, Ocean 2021

“We joined Katapult Ocean knowing that it had the reputation for being the world’s best maritime accelerator – it exceeded all our expectations. A world-class team of mentors, coaches, program managers and supporters who are all experienced and passionate about helping you grow your business.”

ACUA Ocean, Ocean 2021

“Working with Katapult has been a delight. They helped us refine our long term funding strategy which has been crucial for our success.”

Algae-C, Ocean 2022

“Well structured program, each module with clear learning outcomes. On top of funding the program offers value to companies across different stages and verticals. If you wish to expand your impact investor network, accelerate your growth journey, or meet like-minded entrepreneurs – participation highly recommended!”

Alvar Pet, Climate 2022

“Katapult has been a game changer for the BioEsol team; it has given us the tools, shared knowledge, and an impressive network of mentors and investors, which without a doubt, has strengthened all our efforts to achieve our goals”

BioEsol, Climate 2022

“Katapult has become a partner in the truest sense of the word – opening new channels for finance and customer development that were simply inaccessible prior to the program. Being embedded in the Norwegian ecosystem has also proven to be invaluable, helping us to establish direct bonds between Norwegian and American partners, each at the forefront of their fields, but often with limited prior contact.”

Biofeyn, Ocean 2021

“Katapult’s program helped us tell our story in a more compelling manner , brought investors to our round through a well run pitch day, and continues to help us find more customers through their valuable mentor network. We will continue to benefit from this strong program for years.

Carbonwave, Ocean 2022

“[The program] really focuses on how you can achieve maximum impact. I would recommend to every startup working in this space.”

Complete Farmer, Africa 2022

“The whole program has been valuable, I’ve spoken to 4 startups and recommended it to all”

Crop2Cash, Africa 2022

“Great program with the focus on very practical deliverables that truly matter to any impactful startup.”

Decomer Technology, Climate 2022

“Katapult was responsible for a mindset shift in the way I thought about fundraising. I threw out everything I knew out of the window and now play by the rules I learnt at their program.”

Distributed Energy, Climate 2022

“Being a Katapult Climate alumni Frame is now much better equipped to scale the business, we are more aligned as a team, and we are ready to get the right investors onboard – not only for the next round but for the entire journey.”

Frame, Climate 2021

“Katapult gave us a huge network and made us investor ready. They have been extremely valuable for us!”

Freepower, Ocean 2021

“We couldn’t recommend Katapult enough, it genuinely accelerated the business across multiple domains and far exceeded expectations.”

Full Circle Biotechnology, Ocean 2021

“Through a world class team and different way of operating, Katapult has surpassed expectations. We would recommend this program to anyone.”

Gazelle Wind Power, Ocean 2021

“The whole Katapult experience, programme, team and investment has been a pivotal time for our company. It has been 3 months of value, reflection, learning, planning and getting way more ambitious! We cannot recommend the program enough.”

GKinetic, Ocean 2021

“The specific content about impact measurement, growth funding and building the sales structure for growth that we received during the Katapult accelerator came at the right time for GLEAM. To build a global leading company in the field of micromobility for professionals, to maximise our positive impact worldwide and to do that in an efficient way would be much harder without the support and network of the Katapult ecosystem that we received during these 3 intense month.”

GLEAM eBikes, Climate 2022

“Team is amazing, and so is the faculty. The program was really valuable, especially Investor Readiness.”

Hervest, Africa 2022

“The Katapult program has been a unique life experience. From exceptional B2B sales, hiring and fundraising training to top investor connections, mentors and a great group of people, Katapult has helped us become a better company and we feel that now we have a more solid path to achieve our mission of transforming construction into a sustainable industry.”

Hyperion Robotics, Climate 2021

“By participating in the Katapult accelerator program, we have been given the tools and mindset to succeed as an impact driven company.”

Hyrex, Ocean 2022

“The Katapult accelerator is a very high quality and intense program, both diving into business fundamentals and the specifics of building an impact business in the climate/ocean space. We joined the program slightly skeptical but emerged fully converted. The Katapult team itself is a major strength and they have pulled together an amazing cast of characters to complement them. Inclusive Energy is now a stronger, more confident business that, with Katapult on board, is ready to scale.

Inclusive Energy, Climate 2021

“Katapult is really great in bringing the right people together to build fast growing valuable impact companies!”

Inplanet, Climate 2022

“Katapult Ocean is the acceleration programme that takes away from you any fear of going big on investments, going international and growing like crazy.”

Ittinsect – Feed for the Ocean, Ocean 2022

“The program has enabled us to take a significant step towards scale and exit. The investment modules are absolutely fantastic.”

JET Connectivity, Ocean 2022

“The program has really developed my business acumen and prepared me for fundraising rounds for years to come.

Jiva Materials Ltd, Climate 2022

“Participating in the Katapult Accelerator we think is one of the best things you could do as a climate and environmentally focused startup. It is an excellent programme that has lifted us as individual participants and as a company, to the next level.”

Johannas Stadsodlingar AB, Climate 2022

“Katapult has markedly improved our sustainability story and messaging”

Materials Nexus, Climate 2022

“The program really raised our thinking. We went to the next level, and I can honestly say we are playing in the major leagues after this.”

MooMe, Africa 2022

“If you think you know enough to create a professional and efficient start-up…think twice and contact Katapult.”

NXT Grid, Climate 2021

“Having a background in finance, I was moderately skeptical that the Katapult program was going to be much help to us other than possibly enlarge our investor network. It turned out my skepticism was unfounded. The program had great teachers and content that dramatically shifted our outlook and was a much needed immersion program into the venture world. It is an intense 3 months that can be a game changer for your business.”

Ocean’s Balance, Ocean 2022

“We had gone through many programs before, but this one had quite thorough and deep sessions. The Katapult investment team was hands-on and gave us great and actionable feedback.”

OKO, Africa 2022

“Intense and great, the program is literally a Katapult to the next stage in our adventure.”

Recylink, Climate 2021

“The Katapult guys were one of the most cohesive, tight knit teams we have come across . They all played a vital part of what seemed like a mini-MBA.”

Rural Farmers Hub, Africa 2022

“Super relevant and highly valuable for any startup.”

Sally R, Climate 2021

“The program helped to reflect on the business tremendously – a great selection of people and content.”

Sensegrass, Africa 2022

“It’s a very intense program with a lot of practical and valuable content. Even for those who have experience with raising capital and building startups some of the training provided by Katapult can be eye-opening. The program requires quite a lot of time, but if done properly it can save months of work later and it is still manageable for most startups.”

SoftSeaweed, Ocean 2021

“Most comprehensive accelerator programme with many helpful tools. Our company will continue to benefit from the Katapult programme in the years to come.”

Solar Materials, Climate 2022

“Katapult has been a real accelerator for us”

VIDA, Climate 2022

“Katapult was an accelerator program that made great sense in our strategy and that was perfectly tailored to our needs. Having access to the Katapult network, through the mentorship sessions & introductions really helped us in the formulation and deployment of our investor & impact strategies. Being now part of the Katapult family is something that we can only be proud of.”

Wattnow, Climate 2021

“Wildfire Energy highly recommends the Katapult Accelerator program. The program is professionally set-up and run by experts in the start-up space. We gained significant value from the Impact Readiness module enabling us to formally document with literature references the positive impact on climate change our technology provides. This process was engaging the challenging but support was always close at hand. We now have an easy to follow guide for investors to understand our impact – a key investment decision. We found the funding simulation in the Investor Readiness module extremely useful. It was very challenging but the competitive nature and real-life example investor cards made it fun and enlightening. Our key take-away was that we need to think bigger when fund raising. If you have a good product, a plan to get there and a strong team, then go for it! The program made good use of technology to deliver content and accommodate our time difference. Case studies of previous start-ups and guest appearances from Katapult alumni provided valuable insights in terms of both realising we are not alone in facing start-up challenges, and importantly we will reach our end goal.The Katapult program enabled us to finalise our Seed round and to achieve our intial objective of establishing an entry point into Europe and exposure to impact investors in this region. While it is the end of the program for us, it is just the beginning of our next journey.”

Wildfire Energy, Climate 2022

“The Katapult Accelerator is like a mini Executive MBA for both young and mature startups.”
Zeabuz, Ocean 2022

We knew that our startup could have deep and meaningful impact, but Katapult got us thinking early about how to actually quantify and measure it, opening up a whole new world of investors to us in the process.

Spark App, Africa 2023

Having Katapult as an investor has been a game changer in our fundraising, as their good reputation precedes them. Moreover, their program is very useful to understand the VC world and their team is just amazingly nice and amazing!

Sand to Green, Africa 2023

Joining the Katapult Africa Accelerator was one of the best decisions we’ve made for our business so far. The program’s workshops and networking opportunities have helped us create strong partnerships that have boosted our fundraising and growth. We are now more confident in our ability to make a positive impact in our community and scale our business, thanks to the insights and mentorship we received.”

Elucid, Africa 2023

The network of investors and partnerships is great!


Impact was an unitilized asset for our company. Thanks to Katapult, with their training and technical support, we are able to articulate clearly our impact and provide relevant measures to support our story.

Afrikamart, Africa 2023

The Katapult program is truly catalytic! The program took our business to the next level. As a founder I gained insight to grow Vetsark, our fundraising took a quantum leap and we gained solid exposure! Katapult is the right partner for every investor looking for exponential impact and the A+ startups. Every startup that truly leverages Katapult’s resources ends up changing the world.

Vetsark, Africa 2023

The Katapult program has been an amazing experience for me and our business. We have had the opportunity to meet other amazing founders in the African Agritech space who share the same passion and drive for the continent. The experts that the Katapult team brought to lead the discussions around scale/growth while being more impactful were very knowledgeable and the lessons learnt will bode well for the future. Demo day was also a huge success for us and we look forward to use the connections made to close our round over the next few weeks, as well as build for more success in the future.

GrowAgric, Africa 2023

The Katapult Accelerator program is an amazing opportunity for impact driven startups. The quality of the introductions and support received from our PoC and the Katapult team is solid and one to be grateful for.

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