Katapult and its partners launch the Mauritius Accelerator Program at Ferney Agri-hub

Katapult Mauritius Accelerator Program at Ferney Agri-hub

On 28th April, Katapult launched the Katapult Mauritius Accelerator at Ferney Agri-hub in partnership with CIEL, IBL Group, Currimjee Group and MCB Group.

The official opening of the accelerator program was conducted by the Hon Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, MP, Prime Minister of Mauritius, and the event also included presentations from lead investors (Ferney (CIEL), IBL, Currimjee Group and MCB), and gave an opportunity to meet the seven selected food- and agri-tech startups.

Having screened over 1000 startups, the 7 companies selected by Katapult constitute the very best talent working in the space of food and agriculture. Similarly they reflect a truly global effort of innovation. The startups traveling to Mauritius represent 6 different countries (Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Tunisia, Malil, India).

Over a 3 month period, the startups will go through Katapult’s, unicorn-producing impact accelerator program. Described as the “most intense and fulfilling MBA you could ever undertake”, the cohort will engage in rigorous workshops, online meetups, mentor sessions, pitch training and investor presentations specifically designed to prepare the startups for scaling.

Founded in 2017 by the serial entrepreneur and tech investor, Tharald Nustad, Katapult has invested in 145 portfolio companies and has run nine accelerator programs to date. Underpinned by the vision of building a thriving world for all, the success of Katapult’s investment model has been proven by its four unicorn investments.

Speaking at the launch, Tharald Nustad said: “In establishing Katapult 5 years ago, the guiding vision of the organization has been to build a thriving world for all. A key element of operationalizing this vision is to help build regenerative and equitable food and agricultural systems. Through building strong networks and partnerships on the island of Mauritius, we not only have the opportunity to make a leap forward in this goal but to simultaneously foster innovation on Mauritius and grow the island’s credentials as a launchpad for sustainable business. Using Katapult’s well-tested accelerator model, we are now ready to guide these highly talented startups in scaling and achieving the maximum impact and profit within the fields of food- and agri-tech.”

Speaking at the launch and of the ambitions of the program, Thomas Berman, Katapult Country Director, Mauritius, said: “We believe Mauritius in the coming years can demonstrate to the world how a thriving society for all can emerge through innovation and collaboration.

Since 2019, Katapult has in close dialogue with the government, private sector, academia and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Mauritius explored how we as an impact investor and foundation best can contribute on such a journey.

In 2020 we played an instrumental role in setting up Regeneration Mauritius, an open infrastructure for collaboration and partnership, built to ignite sustainable food system change.

Today, April 28 2022, the Hon Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth, is officially opening the Katapult Mauritius Accelerator at Agri Ferney-hub, where 7 international startups will get help to scale and use Mauritius as a launch pad for regional impact and growth.

We are ready to continue our contribution and are looking forward to exploring new initiatives and partnerships that could benefit from our expertise, global network and Nordic connections.”

The 7 portfolio companies participating in Katapult’s Mauritius Accelerator Program are:

Leverages data to provide effective, affordable insurance to farmers in emerging markets and deliver instant claim settlement. By leveraging the increasing influence of mobile technology, OKO Finance aims to help overcome income distribution insufficiencies for those who feed the world.

Digitalizes the value chain of food crops by building tools for agro-processors, allowing them to manage their supply relationships with farmers and other suppliers digitally. Crop2Cash eases activities like weighing, quality control and extension services.

Offers 360 farming solutions based on cutting edge technology including Nano-Satellite Mapping, Rover Bots and AI-based mobile & web application that makes farming simpler and more efficient.

Addresses the gender gap in Agriculture, by providing growth opportunities to female small-scale farmers in rural areas towards specific crops, grain banking, livestock, and provision of digitized e-extension services.

Offers innovative software and hardware to help monitor dairy farming production across the entire value chain. MooMe provides metrics on herd health to increase animal well being and milk production, and storage and tracking for Milk Collection Centers and field advisors. 

Offers a unique platform that connects farmers to global food buyers and assists them in gaining a competitive edge across the supply chain.

Provides agricultural services to small and big farmers. Rural Farmer Hub’s core product – Capture™ – uses a proprietary algorithm and big data to assess crop and soil health, then generate near-real time farming insights and advice.

See all Katapult’s Portfolio Companies, here

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