Cohort 2023: Metalchemy

Metalchemy Co-Fouder's Fredrico Trotta and George Wang
Metalchemy Co-Fouder’s Fedrico Trotta and George Wang

Metalchemy is a nanotechnology start-up commercializing its patented solutions to reduce the impacts of climate change. One of their first applications is the development of biodegradable packaging infused with silver nanoparticles aimed to increase food & drink shelf life bringing the food waste pandemic to an end.

The Problem 

Currently, we are confronting an unprecedented global crisis of food waste. This issue has risen to alarming proportions and demands immediate action. At present, substantial amounts of food are being wasted at various stages of the supply chain, including production, processing, distribution, and consumption. This worldwide dilemma presents not only significant ethical concerns but also has extensive economic, social, and environmental repercussions, thereby threatening both society and the climate. Approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption is wasted, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (2022).

The Solution 

Metalchemy plan to fight this global food waste pandemic by providing sustainable and greener solutions that help in extending the shelf-life of food & drinks. With their patented green silver technology shelf-life of food can be doubled in a variety of packaging materials, offering a scalable solution. Metalchemy’s goal is to integrate their silver technology with sustainable packaging where the food that is packed within their packaging increases its shelf-life and nutritional value.

Nanoparticles in a Vial

Metalchemy’s Impact

“Our eco-friendly packaging materials which help in extending the shelf-life of would have a meaningful and positive impact on the climate by reducing carbon emissions, minimising waste generation, optimising resource usage throughout the food industry and reducing GHG emissions.” 

Federico Trotta, CEO

Why we invested

Metallic nanoparticles are becoming increasingly well established as additives in different industries due to its varied benefits, but its synthesis is still very energy intensive and utilises high emitting and toxic raw materials. Metalchemy patented a novel, cleaner, synthesis process, leveraging plant extracts, that in combination reduce by a lot the negative externalities of metallic nanoparticles. 
In addition, the company is working to increase the adoption of metallic nanoparticles across different sectors including cosmetics, medical and sensing technologies, initially bringing its benefits to the food packaging industry, allowing for up to double the shelf life of food & drinks products.

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