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Dream with us. Give yourself permission to hope, seek opportunities & take action towards a future where all thrive.  We’re here to help.

Collaborations are about holding space, enabling support and creating a movement of action. For you, it’s about learning, crossing paths and uniting with impact-driven people, founders, communities, and voices across the world. For us,it’s about establishing community, and supporting you – the changemakers – as you develop solutions with awareness and compassion. Building a better future for all.

We want to hear your ideas and amplify your voice! What conversations need to be had? What questions need to be answered? What do you need help with? What are you watching, listening to, reading and musing about?  We’d love to collaborate with you on all of this as well as on future Katapult Future Fest and Katapult Cloud events of course, so shoot us an email.

Future fest 2020

it all started in 2016 …

The world needed a global campfire to gather around. One where all generations and industries could connect, collaborate and create solutions to the world’s biggest problems. And oh yeah, have fun – this part is crucial!

Five years in and Katapult Future Fest has expanded beyond physical gatherings into Katapult ‘X’ to create a global movement to drive and scale positive change together with you.

We honour our community!

Our beloved and powerful global community of influential change makers and new thinkers are fueling the future, actively building a world where all can thrive. These voices are the true heroes. Here are some of our key contributors and experiences to date with more on the way.

Feel the vibe!

People clapping at event

The Container

The conversation starts here. We surprise and delight our community by uncovering new voices, thoughts and solutions found nowhere else in an environment like no other. Together with our community, Katapult ‘X’ intends to steer the scale of change, impact and investment through an exchange of ideas, technology, capital, conversation, debate, and connection that leads to action. Katapult is about driving positive and lasting change, not limiting to what’s not right in the status quo, but genuinely collaborating towards a profound systemic shift, from reducing the negatives to facilitating and scaling the positives solutions. Our goal is to create the go to container and platform to incubate new ideas, enable the exchange of capital in all of its forms, and empower the community to make impact through business, technology and heart.
This elevated vision will mobilize our products and efforts to drive and scale a positive change with impact investing, entrepreneurship and technology for good, while enhancing our consciousness and awareness for ourselves, people and the planet.

The Community

We work to empower entrepreneurs, tech founders, makers and investors to use their ability to create impact. We encourage all people to do more good because we believe that there’s a change-maker in every one of us. We connect them with the right people, resources and capital, and then amplify and promote the fruits of their labor and creativity. We want to have a world where all business and capital works for good.

Katapult ‘X’ invites you to join our community of catalysts, entrepreneurs, investors, coalition builders, thought leaders and creatives for positive change and equity for all.

Woman hugging another woman

The Connection

Together with the community, we seek to experiment, amplify, activate and spread joy. Sometimes we excel, sometimes we fail, but we always have fun doing it. No matter what, our intentions are consistent, transparent and honest in serving and supporting a sustainable and positive future.

Katapult ‘X’ commits to taking the necessary actions to make the world a place where all beings and life flourish.
In aligning values with sustainability, we investigate and invest in change; we lead with our hearts and set clear intentions. By staying true to one purpose and path, we ask all partners and networks to share and build trust.