Katapult Foundation’s Evita Zanuso: The risks and trends in Impact Investing

Evita article

In May, Katapult hosted Katapult Future Fest in Oslo, Norway and assembled a star lineup of investors, founders, thinkers and changemakers. With ample food for thought and plenty of inspiration, we are well positioned to cast both eyes to the future and assess the trends, traps and choices which lie on the horizon.

As we live through what is being termed a ‘polycrisis’ and with continuing concerns over the risk of an increasingly digitalised society, our collective steps forwards can seem uncertain. Yet with risk comes the opportunity for change. In increasing the transparency and clarity around impact investing, building resilience at all levels of society and fostering investments that seek to drive systemic change, we should find reason for optimism. 

The above reflections are taken from an article written by the Head of Strategic Partnerships, Katapult Foundation & Lead, Impact Investing Academy, Evita Chiang Zanuso and are based upon her panel discussion with Lise Lindback, Tharald Nustad and Amit Bouri at Katapult Future Fest 2022.

Explore 5 key trends highlighted by Evita in the full article here

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