Katapult welcomes James McDonald

Katapult is excited to welcome a talented addition to the team; introducing James McDonald, Katapult’s communications coordinator. James has over 6 years of experience in working in communications for various NGOs including Greenpeace.

James draws upon a strong academic background, holding a bachelor’s in History from University College London and a master’s in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Oslo.

For James, a move to Katapult was an obvious choice: “As we build a consensus on the enormity of the environmental problems we face, we need innovative solutions- and fast! Through Katapult’s Ocean and Climate funds, companies that are seeking to address these core issues can move from early-development to mass-adoption within the narrow timeframe society now operates within.”

James credits the study of history for his passion in climate and oceantech, “Throughout history, a key tool in overcoming crises has always been technological innovation. Climate startups are the latest and perhaps the most important chapter in this story. As the communications coordinator for Katapult, I have the privilege of first hand exposure to their journey. From edible seaweed cultivation to carbon capture, I am always inspired by the level of innovation within the scene.”

“James stood out amongst over 100 qualified candidates, and has the perfect combination of great communication skills, academic background and an engagement for IMPACT.

James will play a key role in showcasing the immense innovation and business opportunities associated with Katapult’s portfolio companies: from food-tech startups in Africa to companies working on Ocean and Climate solutions globally. We are excited to make an impact with you, James!”, says Katapult´s Chief Communication Officer, Linn-Cecilie Linnemann.

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