Katapult x SHE Conference 2023

Katapult at SHE 2023
Photo credit: Lewis Patrick

This April, Katapult collaborated with SHE for SHE Conference 2023. A recurring highlight in Katapult’s calendar, we are proud to partner with SHE in our common mission of furthering diversity and gender equity. With over 3000 attendees at SHE23 in Oslo, this year’s SHE conference was the most impressive to date!

While there were numerous standout moments from SHE23, it was a particular highlight to see the quality of female-led startups participating in the pitch competition. A huge congratulations to the winner ELSA by GenderLab and Marlene Molero Suárez. The expert jury, led by SHE co-founder and Katapult Group’s CEO Linn-Cecilie Linnemann, selected the Peruvian based startup for its important ability to tackle sexual harassment at the workplace.

Katapult was also proud to have two of its portfolio companies, Desolenator (Louise Bleach) and Whee! (Kari Anne Solfjeld Eid), participate in the pitch competition. Both companies are making impressive impacts in their respective fields of water purification and urban mobility, respectively.

Having collaborated with SHE since the very start, it is fantastic to see the trajectory of the conference. However, we too acknowledge the road that still needs to be traveled. We were delighted to be able to both host a panel conversation on the future of sustainable investing with Katapult Investment Director, Jørn Haanæs and an investor networking evening that followed the opening of this year’s conference. It was a pleasure to be able to discuss how we are implementing diversity across our Ocean, Climate and Africa verticals and the work still to be done.

We want to thank everyone who attended SHE23, and we look forward to SHE24.

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