Katapult Ocean and UpLink: Collaborating for Ocean Sustainability

Uplink and Katapult Ocean

In a significant step towards ocean conservation, Katapult Ocean, recognized as a Top Investor by UpLink – World Economic Forum’s innovation platform, has invested in 11 Uplink Top Innovators. This investment reflects our commitment to nurturing solutions that address oceanic challenges and promote sustainability. By collaborating with UpLink, we’re not only recognizing the potential of these innovators but also emphasizing our shared goal of a sustainable ocean ecosystem.

Our Portfolio of Ocean Innovators

  • Coral Vita: Pioneers in coral restoration, Coral Vita is developing ways to grow resilient coral that can thrive in changing ocean conditions.
  • WSENSE: Their innovative ‘Subsea Wifi’ technology is enhancing the way we monitor and manage offshore infrastructure.
  • Pinovo: Addressing the microplastic issue, Pinovo’s unique approach to surface maintenance reduces ocean pollution.
  • OCEANIUM: Exploring the use of seaweed for sustainable materials, adding value to ocean resources.
  • JET Connectivity: Using 5G technology to advance blue carbon initiatives and promote biodiversity.
  • Carbonwave: Transforming sargassum seaweed into biofertilizers and sustainable materials.
  • Keep IT Cool: Innovating in food systems within Sub-Saharan Africa to tackle supply chain inefficiencies.
  • ARC Marine®: Focused on accelerating reef creation, contributing to marine ecosystem preservation.
  • Saathi Pads: Offering biodegradable materials as a solution to combat plastic pollution.
  • RecyGlo: Enhancing waste management systems in Myanmar towards a zero-waste, circular economy.
  • Freepower: Leading the charge in sustainable marine transport with solar-powered electric boats.

UpLink’s Role in Fostering Innovation

UpLink, launched by the World Economic Forum in 2020, plays a critical role in connecting these companies with essential resources and networks. As a platform, it aligns closely with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and aims to foster an environment where innovative solutions can thrive.

“UpLink aims to empower promising innovators with viable and sustainable solutions to scale their impact, and the active participation of Top Investors like Katapult Ocean is crucial to this ambition. With Katapult’s support and mentorship, UpLink’s Top Innovators are protecting and restoring ocean ecosystems, and driving global awareness about ocean health. As one of UpLink’s earliest thought partners and now Top Investor, Katapult Ocean exemplifies the ideal synergy between early-stage investment and the advancement of impactful, forward-thinking solutions.”

John Dutton, Head of UpLink, World Economic Forum

Our CEO’s Perspective on Ocean Sustainability

Jonas Skattum Svegaarden, CEO of Katapult Ocean, notes, “Our involvement with these companies through UpLink is a clear indication of our dedication to ocean health. Each of these innovators is a valuable piece in the puzzle of marine sustainability. Their work aligns with our mission to support technology that not only protects but also enhances our oceans.”

Towards a Sustainable Ocean Future

At Katapult Ocean, we believe in the power of investment and innovation to drive significant changes in marine sustainability. These companies, handpicked for their potential, are critical to addressing the challenges faced by our oceans. Together with UpLink, we are committed to advancing solutions that ensure a thriving and sustainable ocean for future generations.

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Katapult x Uplink

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