What to Expect from a Startup Accelerator Program

start-up accelerator

Growing a startup is no easy task. Accelerators are short-term intensive programs for companies in their early stages that are trying to drive growth as quickly as possible. These programs are fast-paced, intensive and hands-on. They provide strategic support and investment to advance the scaling of innovative companies. If you’ve been considering applying to an accelerator like Katapult, we’ve mapped out what you can expect from one.

Roll up your sleeves

Startup accelerator programs are cropping up all the time and are available to a broader scope of entrepreneurs than ever before. They aren’t only based out of Silicon Valley or solely focused on tech companies either. There are many industry-focused programs rooted in areas such as fashion or food and other programs which are focused on sustainability and impact projects. When it comes to accelerators, one size does not fit all.

While most accelerator programs provide concrete rewards such as funding, mentorship and access to potential investors, they’re not always the key to instant success. In order to have a positive and productive experience, startups have to set realistic, targeted goals and have a clear picture of what kind of outcome they want to achieve from a program.

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